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Bluegill snapping up the worms at Lake Casitas


Published: Nov 16, 2017

OAK VIEW — Largemouth bass almost always dominate the headlines when it comes to the fishing scene at Ventura County's Lake Casitas, but there are a handful of rare exceptions, however. This past week was exactly one of those exceptions as an exploding panfish bite temporarily took over top billing at the lake. It was the largemouths' prey – the bluegill variety, in particular – that put on the display of predation in recent days, scarfiing up live worms and bending rods just about every time they were offered up.


TO THE ’GILLS — Landon Chavez and Cruz Miller put together a bluegill taco stringer this past Saturday at Lake Casitas in Ventura County.

“It's most definitely been the bluegill that have been the hot ticket here at Lake Casitas,” was the report from Scott Sanford at Casitas Boat Rentals on Sunday afternoon. “They're being caught left and right. Nothing too big but one right after another all day long down by the docks and all along the shorelines in pretty shallow water. I had a couple kids down there all day long catching ’em from just about dusk ’til dawn.” Sanford said either whole redworms or a half of a nightcrawler have been the top baits during the hot panfish bite. A few redear are showing with the ’gills as well.

The bass action at Casitas is a little hit and miss currently, with many fish having retreated to deeper water but some largemouth still in as shallow as 6 to 10 feet. A few bass are still taking a whack at a topwater bait early but most recent catches are being reported on drop-shot plastics and nightcrawlers. Catfish were absent from the counts for the week, but a few double-digit cats were checked in a week prior on chunk mackerel.


PLASTICS ARE GETTING the lion’s share of recent bass bites at Lake Casitas.


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