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Big stripers cooperating for Colorado River swimbaiters

WON Staff Writer
Published: Oct 12, 2017
LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZ — Double-digit striped bass have started showing up with increasing frequency in several sections of the Colorado River, and expanded trout stocking will only stoke that fire. The swimbait bite is firing, and a fish-of-a-lifetime-worthy 30-plus pounder tops a stack of reports brimming with double-digit linesides.

30-POUND CLUB — Mike Lopez of Lake Havasu City used an 8-inch ABT Suicide Glide for this 35.42-pound striper upriver above Lake Havasu.


Lake Havasu City angler Mike Lopez was throwing an ABT Suicide Glide upriver of Lake Havasu when he connected with a wall-hanger 35.42-pound striper under the cover of darkness. His buddy Jordan Panster got a 12 pounder on a Savage Gear Glide Swimmer.

Kenan Guleryuz spends a lot of time fishing Lake Mohave, but he has been dialed on the lower river downstream of Davis Dam and doing a lot of swimbait damage as well. He also gets fish on the Savage Gear Glide but his recent outings have been spent chucking a Baitsanity Trout Explorer which recently fooled a 14.5 pounder.

That area below Davis Dam will be getting trout stocks from Willow Beach Hatchery, and that will only improve the striper fishing and swimbait bite. Rusty at Riviera Marina said the stocking will typically be planned around water releases from the dam is it’s both easier on the trout and the guys planting them. He also said he’s seeing a lot of smaller stripers, and for those school-sized models, her recommended throwing a Bomber Long A or Pencil Popper.

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