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Berryessa Lake & New Melones Lake Fish Report

    • Report: by Kyle46N » Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:33 pm

      Not much to report again. We only put a 3.5 lb smallie and a twin chunk largie in the boat in about 4 hours of fishing. As I'm sure anyone who has been on the lake has seen, there are a ton of "fish" in 40-50 feet of water near any of the main lake coves and points, herding bait. I'm sure it was a mix of every predatory fish in the lake. You can see the bait balls on the fish finder, and they seem to chase a few up to the surface every so often too. I got the smallie on a rattle trap in 35 feet of water ripping it through a baitball, and my son got the largemouth on a 1/2 oz blade bait in 50 feet of water. It was tough getting them to eat on that pattern. I threw a bunch of stuff at them from really finesse type stuff to the rattletrap, etc. If it had been a tourney and I HAD to get that five in the boat, I think we could have just hammered away with the blade bait and rattle trap to get a few more reaction bites. We went exploring though, since this is only our second trip to the lake. I kept looking for some other pattern than that 50 foot depth, but couldn't really find much. The backs of coves were devoid of anything other than coots.

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

    • Water Temp: 58-61

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: The bass fishing on New Melones remains good and we are have much success on each guided trip. The quality sized bass are definitely starting to show up. In the last couple months we have caught a handful of 2 to 3-pound fish and boated spotted bass up to 6-pounds.
      This past week was crazy! I landed an absolute giant 15.19-pound largemouth. This fish was caught while drop shotting a small shad patterned worm on 4# line.
      The weather is changing daily which makes for unpredictable fishing conditions. The water temperature continues to drop as we approach the winter months. These conditions will pull a large population of fish out into deeper water. We have already been finding quality bass 40 to 50-feet deep. Each day is different and fishing a variety of areas and depths will prove successful.
      Bass feed on many different types of forage, but at this time of year they really key in on shad and crawdads. The shad can be found schooling on the main lake and at the mouths of the major creek arms. To find areas holding crawdads look for banks that have large chunks of rock.
      Drop shotting a small shad pattern worm has been a go-to method for quite some time. It is a match-the-hatch approach that the fish can’t refuse. Also, vertical jigging a spoon can be productive once a school of feeding bass has been located.
      Crawdad patterned worms fished on a shakey head can be used around in rocky areas to trigger strikes. The jig bite is getting better each day. A ½-ounce football head jig with a twin-tail trailer is a great choice. Focus on natural crawdad colors, browns and greens work best.

      Tips: Last but not least, we are approaching swimbait season. The large trout eaters will be feeding and for those who want a shot at a fish of a lifetime, now's the time. It is a very low percentage technique, but when you do get bit it is usually a big one. If you are interested in big bait fishing or just want to learn new techniques, give me a call!

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