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BeanieJoe's Fishing Hole: Reservoir ice is unsafe

The Elko Daily Free Press

As of this report all ice on any of our reservoirs should be considered unsafe. With the recent warmer weather combined with the windy storms that blew through eastern Nevada this past week has weakened any ice that is remaining on area reservoirs.

With daytime highs ranging from the mid 40s into the low to mid 50s, and most overnight lows forecast to be above freezing, the ice that is remaining will only get weaker and should soon disappear. The good news is that right after ice out fishing can be really good. The Ruby Mountain Fly Fishers, with the sponsorship of Kinross, is hosting the Fly Fishing Film Tour. It will be held on Friday, March 30 at the Great Basin College Theater. The doors open at 6 p.m. for appetizers and socializing with the show starting at 7:00. There will also be a no-host bar.

The show features a number of films featuring fishing adventures around the world. There will be great door prizes including a Yeti bucket and Oakley sunglasses. They will also be giving away hats, T-shirts, water bottles and other items to some lucky folks who attend. RMFF will also be holding a free drawing for a Sage Approach fly rod with a Sage 2250 reel and flyline donated by the Elko Fly Shop. Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased from club members. If you don’t know a member you can contact me at 775-777-2305 or at


Wildhorse is in limbo as it is covered with unsafe ice though there is some open water in the Hendricks Arm. A couple of fly rodders had some luck throwing chironomids as far as they could reach in the open water catching some nice trout last weekend. With the warmer temperatures forecast more water may start to open up. Call ahead for water conditions before heading up to the lake.


South Fork is approximately 70% open water and most of the ice should disappear over the next week with the warmer temperatures and wind in the forecast. That being said, fishing continues to be just fair, but those fish being caught are ranging from 15 to 20 inches with the occasional 25 inch fish being reported. Most anglers are having some success with PowerBait or worms, while fly rodders should be using chironomids, hares ears, prince nymphs and buggers. Sherbet PowerBait fished using a slip sinker off of the bottom about 25-30 feet from shore seemed to work the best.


Zunino Reservoir has open water for fishing, but no recent word on fishing success. Expect it to be fair to good using the usual PowerBait or worms.


The road to Wilson is rutted and the lake is approximately 50% of capacity and ice free. No recent word on angling success.


Fishing has been fair to good at the collection ditch depending upon the day and the experience of the angler. The water is turbid, so for the most part sight fishing is out. Small spinners and minnow imitations were producing some fish for spin fishermen, but fly rodders were doing better. Fly rodders should be using hare’s ears, pheasant tails, prince nymphs, midge patterns, eggs and egg sucking leeches. The fish are moving, so if you don’t have much luck in one area, pack up and hit another. Harrison Pass was closed by last week’s storm and with snow coming in this weekend, anglers should plan on taking Secret Pass to the Refuge.

As of a week ago, this water was mostly covered in unsafe ice. With the recent weather, there probably hasn’t been much change. The next 10 days calls for warmer weather so it should start opening up.


Cold Creek is ice free and fishing should be good. Anglers should do well on Power Bait, Mepps, Panther Martins, and nightcrawlers. Flyfishers will do well on nymphs and emerger patterns


Cave Lake is 85% ice covered. There is open water at the Cave Creek inlet just past the float tube launch. With recent warm temperatures, ice should be considered unsafe. The usual PowerBait or worms as well as small spinners, panther Martins or rooster tails should all work.


The majority of the north portion of Comins Lake is open to shoreline and boat fishing. There is still ice on the lake through the narrows and well into the south portion of Comins Lake. There is access in the south lake from the float tube launch. Anglers should do well on Power Bait, Mepps, Panther Martians, and nightcrawlers. Fly fishers will do well on smaller nymphs and emerger patterns. With recent warm temperatures, ice should be considered unsafe.


Illipah Reservoir is starting to open up with open water along the western and eastern shorelines. The best angling opportunities are going to be from the western shoreline. Fishing off the receding ice edge could produce quality trout. The reservoir is sitting at approximately 95% of capacity.


Streambanks are very slick with ice and snow. Many of the streams are ice covered and USGS is showing no flows in them due to the ice. Most are very turbid. Fishing has been slow in most streams. Fish are lethargic due to the colder temps and presentations must be slowed down.

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