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Barracuda bite ON!

WON Staff Writer
Published: Jun 13, 2017
LOS ANGELES — The missing local barracuda bite boomed back, after being a virtual no-show in recent seasons. Although the burgeoning sea lion population played havoc with the bite, scores soared over 100 fish per boat on a 1/2-day outing.

OUTER ISLANDS YELLOWS aboard the Options, out of Pierpoint Landing.

It was an all landing event, with scores of private boaters too, the bite now into its second week and improving daily. With most boats getting between 50 and 100 fish, The Monte Carlo pulled 108 Friday morning, before the sea lions came on strong.

The skinnies bit both bait and iron.

The usually Catalina island bound Sport King, L.A. Waterfront's 3/4-day, stuck around locally for the bite as it improved late in the week. The same was the case for the Enterprise 3/4-day out of Pierpoint Landing.

Long Beach Sportfishing's Steve Phelps reported, "Sunday, the Victory left the dock with 17 anglers and caught 139 barracuda, 85 sculpin, and 5 calico bass. A majority of their fish on this day bit in the afternoon. The ½-day boat Southern Cal on Friday with 12 anglers landed 26 big barracuda, and 52 sculpin. There were a lot of fish lost due to seals."


HAN HAN'S Victory 3/4-day halibut scaled at 45 pounds. That's Accurate's new Valiant reel in the photo.

Usually, he said, the best window was early in the trip before sea lions gather up on the boat. Then it was time to chase down some bottom grabbers, as the local scorpion fish bite remained excellent, and understandably immune from sea lion attack.

The overnight bite for the Eldorado, and others from other landings, like the Freedom, ToronadoFirst String, Outrider, Ultra, and Options kicked out excellent numbers of yellowtail.

Phelps said "Thursday, (Eldorado) we landed 5 BIG white seabass to 40-plus pounds, and hooked three times that many." He said the big fish destroyed the light gear and advised bringing 30- to 40-pound setups.

Fishing live squid, seabass bit the dropper loop rigs best, with a 4-ounce torpedo on bottom and a 7/0 Owner Aki Twist recommended. Yellows went for a slightly smaller hook, with just a 3/4-ounce egg sinker sliding on the line ahead of it.

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