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Anglers race wind for limits

WON Staff Writer
Published: Jun 13, 2017
MORRO BAY — Westerly winds again presented a bit of a challenge for the Central Coast fleet last week through Sunday. But great fishing close to home provided plenty of opportunity, despite the brief a.m. weather windows, and heavy winds on waters farther from port.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday provided the best morning conditions as westerlies eased a bit farther offshore for a bit longer those mornings.


A FIESTA LIMIT of reds and coppers for charter master Doug Hatano on a ¾ day charter with Capt. James Ottens at right.

Morro Bay catches remained at or near limit levels all week long, with a preponderance of reds in the bags. For example, Endeavor took 24, 3/4-day fishing Wednesday and sacked 210 reds as part of their 240 rockfish.

Between a 1/2-day, several 3/4-days and a full-day they ran, every one of their anglers bagged a limit of rockfish. Thursday's 17 also scored full ling limits, 34, on the full-day trip. The Avenger was full-speed on the redfish also, putting flat limits, 290, on Thursday's local 1/2-day trip, amazing.

At Virg's Landing, Bruce Harwood reported, "This week it was high late morning and afternoon winds, along with short interval swells Sunday, Monday and Tuesday that caused trip cancellations at our landing...However, the weather itself was warm and sunny, and we had some light rain Friday morning. In spite of the conditions, the bite continued to be wide-open when we could get out."

For the week, the Fiesta and Rita G rounded up a total of 1,693 fish for 165 anglers including 71 lings and 669 vermilion, full limits for all trips.

Harwood reported, "The Fiesta went up above Piedras Blancas lighthouse on a long range trip Friday and hit some sweet spots. The 22 anglers caught 28 lings, 217 reds and 3 cabezon. The jackpot was won by Rick Both of Ontario, with a 12 pound ling."

Rita G's highlighted local¾ day was Thursday with skipper Frank Kelly. His 21 anglers scored 147 reds and 63 assorted rockfish, to go along with 12 lings. Jose Arredondo of Santa Maria won the jackpot with a 12-pound ling.

From shore, perch fishing remained steady in the surf and bay. Leopard sharks are plentiful in the bay and anglers reported catching 2 or 3 per outing.

James Burkett's 14-pound ling took week 10 honors in their John Rowley Biggest, Baddest Lingcod Tournament.

Avila results were similar at Patriot's landing there, basically rockfish limits most trips, with plenty of afternoon breeze to dodge. Flying Fish, Phenix and Patriot were all out Saturday. Flying Fish's 3/4-day sacked full quota. Patriot and Phenix 1/2-day trips came quite close to it.

The Sportlaunch posted 14 boats out Friday, getting between 7 and 10 rockfish per person, plus a dozen lings hit the dock. The weekend was a little too breezy for the small boats.

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