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Almanor Lake & Oroville Lake Fish Report

    • Water Temp: 58-60

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Mike Sperbeck and I made our annual fall trip to beautiful Lake Almanor Thursday and Friday. We could have left after the first day!! Something happened on Friday and the smallies totally shut off. This is kind of rare at Almanor. Wind came up gently in the early afternoon and we were suddenly blown off the lake at 3 pm - very quickly!!! Maybe the bass felt that coming on - who knows. As bad as Friday was, Thursday was one of our best day ever - great bite - maybe the best I have ever had there! We lost a few big ones - some pushing 4 lbs. The bite was intense, but the smallies didn't seem to really inhale our baits. We lost a lot of quality fish - they would just come off after good hooksets. Our hooks might have been a bit too small for these hard fighting fish. Mike landed the first bass down by the dam which went 2 lbs. That was the only small one. As mentioned, we lost some big ones but did land 22 smallies from 2 1/2 to 3 lbs 7 oz. They averaged around 3 lbs and our best 5 was pushing 16 lbs. The bass were a bit deeper than we have experienced in previous years. We caught most of our bass from 18 to 30 feet deep and found no shallow bite. To compare the two days - we found big schools of bait on Thursday, along with the feeding bass, and could find NO bait on Friday and almost NO bass! Everything had moved and we never found anything much on the meter! Sure glad that happened on the second day. Happy memories of the first day kept up going!

      Tips: I did not throw any crankbaits because the plastics bite was so good. I tried a bit of topwater - no takers. I remember 2 years ago catching a 4 lb smallie on topwater in October. I'll never forget the sound of that smallie taking the topwater bait!! Topwater is a fickle bite at Almanor, either ON or OFF! We used a variety of soft plastic baits like small brush hogs. If they had some blue, green, or brown, they liked it.

    • Water Temp: 62-64, elevation 702.59

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Finally got to get on the lake after a week of winds and fires. Launched at Bidwell about 6:35 am, stopped fishing as the breeze began at 10:30 am. Headed to potters ravine cove to dodge the early morning winds and glad I did. Found fish on the south side in the steep rocks, actually mostly on the banks between the rocks. Fish were fairly deep, most 25-35 foot range. a few close to 40 foot, but not all, LM were hanging along those wall today. Picked up 3 LM, 23 spots along this bank for 26 fished bagged today. For a while it was nearly every cast, with best location giving up 8 fish before they got spooked. Most fish were running the basic 13-13 1/2" with only one runt at 11". Best fish today, a 14 1/2" LM. Very few boats on the water, just me fishing this location. Interesting way the water people think, they have only let it drop 3 feet over the last week. Get the water low enough to shut down lime saddle, then barely drop the water levels!!!! interesting judgement!!!! obvious they could care less about the ramps for fisherman! Pictures in fishing forum.

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