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Almanor Fishing Report

The Almanor Fishing Association
P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020

Aug. 20, 2017

It was 92 degrees here on Almanor  this past Saturday and  water surface temp reached 76 degrees. We are expecting a cooling trend this next week with night time temps dipping into the high 40’s. In addition forecasts are calling for a chance of thunderstorms  on Tuesday & Wednesday.  Lake level is dropping slowly, yet  still remains high for this time of year.I checked the water temp at 45 feet this past Friday  off Rec #2 and found 56 degree water.

Slow and on the bottom remain our preferred method. Crawlers and Gulp’s naked or behind your favorite flasher or dodger continue to produce quality fish in deeper water. We are trolling between .8 and 1.1 mph without hardware and up to 1.5 with. The bite is good early one day and not happening till early afternoon the next.

There are huge balls of pond smelt throughout the lake, find the bait and you will find fish. Rec #1 & 2, Big Springs and the East Shore are good starting points, stay on the bait if/when you find them and be prepared to move when you don’t.

A few of the local fly fishermen are finding fish but conditions have been tough, Big Springs and Hamilton Branch produced fish this past week. There has been an increase in fishing pressure at Hamilton Branch I have not heard of any reports. The fish at the Branch are attempting to find a reprieve from the warmer water seeking out the cooler oxygenated water.

This past week we released a fair mix of Browns and Bow’s, with the warmer water and after a battle for their lives’ it takes a few minutes to revive them. I will gently hold the fish by the tail keeping it upright and slowly move the boat and/or fish to get water flowing into its gills. As long as you are gentle with the fish, don’t keep them out of the water very long for pictures, they aren’t bleeding and you don’t do damage while removing the hook you can revive them.


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