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Almanor Fishing Report

The Almanor Fishing Association

P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020

July 30, 2017

NOAA is predicting highs of 96, 99, 97 & 96 this week, once again making for difficult fishing conditions. Water temp this past week ranged between the mid to high 70’s. While  lake level is dropping we remain at historical highs,  PG&E projects lake level will reach 4492 feet by Labor Day approximately 5 feet below  our July 4th level.

Fish continue to hunker down in deeper colder water, we caught fish this past week in water between 36 and 50 feet deep keeping our lines within 10 feet of the bottom. We continue to offer a slow presentation .8 to 1 mph, crawlers and gulps have been our top producers. There are Pond Smelt throughout the lake and fish are making them their main diet choice.

I continue to see pockets of Hex shucks on the water, where there are shucks we have found fish in the general vicinity.  Conditions are tough, there are fish to be had, be persistent a four fish day is a good day on the water and on Almanor you always have that chance at a personal best. My friend Duncan McIntyre landed a 6+ pound Rainbow on Friday and lost another 5+ at the boat. Find bait, look for signs and begin fishing in the deep popular hangouts; A-Frame, Rec # 1 & #2, Hamilton Branch, East Shore & Rocky Point.


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