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Almanor Fishing Report

The Almanor Fishing Association
P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020

July 16, 2017

Same old theme here on Almanor, hot weather and warm water temps are making for difficult fishing conditions. Surface temps are in the mid-seventies at 5:30 in the morning and the fish are hunkered down searching for cooler water and slow moving meals. Guys on anchor floating an Almanor Cocktail (cricket and meal worm) just off the bottom are picking up a few fish as are boats slow trolling crawlers, crickets and/or meal worms.

There are also a few fish being caught in the evenings as the Hex hatch winds down. The majority of the fishermen seem to be around the Canyon Dam area. Our friend Marty Hall came up from Chico and got on some small mouth this past week right at dusk and had a blast catching and releasing these hard fighting fish using a Hex nymph on his fly rod.
There are pond smelt throughout the lake and fish are beginning to target them, when the lake is calm you can see these little guys boiling along the shore line. With all the natural dining choices these fish have this time of year it’s no wonder they are tough entice and grow so fast.

For the past few months Almanor has hovered around the 4492 foot level (basically full), we are beginning to see a drop as temps reach into the mid 90’s have been the norm. Hamilton Branch is the main influx of cold water coming into Almanor at this time.

If you fish, recreate, own a business or home  around Lake Almanor please support the Almanor Fishing Associations 25th Annual Family Picnic which will be held on July 29th at the Lake Almanor Country Club Rec #1 picnic area.

Steak and/or hot dog dinners will be served between 5-6pm with a raffle following dinner. Steak dinners are $25 at the door and $20 if purchased in advance, hot dogs are $10. Both dinners come with a nice salad, bread and everyone’s favorite beans.  All proceeds go directly towards the AFA Fish Pen Project which just happens to be the most successful longest running fish pen program in the State of California. Each year AFA brings  up to 50,000 Rainbow Trout into our fish pens, dedicated AFA volunteers hand feed these fish throughout the winter (oftentimes under harsh conditions) and release them each spring. Our pens took a beating last winter and we incurred unbudgeted expenses from moving the fish pens to Big Cove, it is crucial to the continued success of our pen program that we all support this barbecue.

As fishermen we spend countless dollars on fuel, licenses, maintenance, insurance, gear, etc. all to catch fish, we must support the agencies and non-profits that support our fisheries. What would this fishery be without the 2 ½ million rainbows AFA has planted over the past thirty plus years and more importantly what will it look like in the next thirty years if we don’t get involved?

If you would like to donate a raffle item or attend the barbecue please call me or Deb at 530-284-0861 we will have pre-sale tickets available until July 20th (pre-sale steak tickets  $20), there will be a limited amount of dinner tickets at the gate.



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