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Almanor Fishing Report

Lake Almanor Fish Report
The Almanor Fishing Association
P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020

Jan 20, 2018

Written By John

 (photo of Papa John (me), Emma & son Chad with a brown caught fast-trolling hardward. Emma caught this fish on Jan. 12, 2018)

It looks like winter has arrived here on Almanor, although this past storm dropped a fraction of what was predicted NOAA is calling for snow/rain for the next six days. Temps will range from high’s in the mid forties to lows in the low twenties. A good snow pack will only help our fishery later this year.

Water temps have remained steady (hi of 43.1 low 41.8) as have water levels. Fishing pressure remains light with most of the fishermen targeting the hatchery fish in and around the Canyon Dam area. The recently planted Browns have moved out of the coves while the Rainbows are holding tight. I fished one-day last week finally getting on a few fish slow trolling from Rec#1 to Rec#2, the majority of our fish were caught 6-8 feet off the bottom with a mix of Browns, Rainbows and one fat Salmon.The Salmon was caught in 8 feet of water on a pond smelt imitation as we made the turn off the peninsula.

We have a light dusting of snow on the ground , our roads are clear, and the Canyon Dam ramp is useable. A note of caution:  AFA volunteers assist the USFS in maintaining the Canyon Dam boat launch, regretfully we have been informed that with the government shutdown the restrooms will be locked  and we can not perform any maintenance on grounds or buildings.


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