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Almanor Fishing Report


Lake Almanor Fish Report
The Almanor Fishing Association
P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020

Jan 7, 2018

Written By John

We finally received some weather, and have another storm scheduled to arrive on Monday. There is a winter storm watch in effect with up to two feet of snow predicted above 6,000 feet with this next storm. We are expecting to receive a couple of inches of rain at lake level over the next three days. It has been unseasonably warm in the afternoons, my gauge showed 50 degrees on New Year’s Day.

The warm weather has brought out the fishermen, there was over thirty people fishing the coves around the Canyon Dam boat ramp. Most of the fish caught were planters with a few adult fish thrown in the mix.

I had the boat and fly rod out twice last week searching for fish, we fished the West shore to Goose Island didn’t see a fish, headed to the North end of the lake before we encountered ice beginning at Rec #2 and extending across the lake to Prattville, we checked out Rec #2 didn’t find any fish, went to the East Shore and fished from Dorado South (still no fish) and finished up in Roadside Cove where we caught a dozen of the recently stocked Browns and two adult Rainbows. The Bows were both around four #’s and beautifully colored.

Water temp ranged from a low of 39.8 to a high of 42.5, water level is holding steady and the north end of the lake is currently free of ice. Our roads are in great shape and if the current forecast holds true should remain clear.

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