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Almanor Fishing Report

Lake Almanor Fish Report
The Almanor Fishing Association
P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020

Oct. 15, 2017

On Saturday surface temp registered at 56.8 degrees with minimal temp change in the top 50 feet of water. This past Thursday morning we woke up to 23 degree temp and Eagle Lake saw 17. Our trees are in their fall colors and winter is just around the corner. As temps continue to drop fish are moving into the coves, bank fishing pressure has increased over the past few days. Almanor has turned over and visibility is limited.

We continue to fast troll using hardware targeting fish in the top 20’ of water, varying speeds between 2.4-3.0 MPH.  As with most boats trolling on Almanor Red/Gold seems to be the color of choice, we have also caught fish on Red Dot Frog, Silver/Red, White and other colors throughout the week. Color preference seems to change daily, experiment with speeds, colors and depths. We did find a good bite on Saturday in water between 16 and 20 feet deep, water that we would not typically fish this time of year, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Fishing has been tough this fall, I have heard lots of theories as to why, big fish have been tough  to find and catch. They are out there, don’t get discouraged, conditions are ripe for Almanor to bust wide open. Believe in what you are doing and be persistent, our window of opportunity is closing.

Both USFS public boat ramps are open and the docks are in place. Road construction continues on 36 if traveling to Almanor, you can expect up to 40 minute delays (west of Mineral).


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