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Almanor Fishing Report

The Almanor Fishing Association
P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020
Oct 1, 2017

I would like to preface this week’s report by addressing an e-mail that was sent to AFA questioning the accuracy of my reports and accusing me of embellishing these reports. I took strong offense to those accusations and want to insure anyone reading my reports that they are accurate, truthful and based upon my time on the water or firsthand information I receive from legitimate sources. 

We are in for a week of mild (fall) weather, morning lows in the low 30’s daytime highs in the high 50’s to low 60’s with mild winds. There is a slight chance of rain Monday night with winds running 8-10 mph. Be cautious of wind predictions, winds kick up quickly on Almanor, and you could be in for a long, rough, boat ride if you are on the wrong side of the lake when it does.  On two separate days this past week the forecast was for little to no winds and we had wind waves crashing against our boat.   Water temps continue to drop; Friday’s surface high was 64.2, lake level while still high continues to drop slowly.

Fall is typically a good time to be on the water, conditions are ripe, yet we had another tough week.  We have been switching back and forth from slow, fast and everything in between attempting to get a bite going. We have been managing to pick up a few fish in deeper water (30-45’) fishing within 8’ of the bottom, trolling 1 mph with Gulp’s and crawlers. We fished Big Springs, Peninsula, Rec #1 &2, A Frame and the East Shore.  I am cautiously optimistic that the fast action bite will pick up and these fish will get active.

I was recently asked what a Gulp is and how to fish them, right or wrong this is what I do. Berkley Gulp makes   soft plastic baits of various sizes and colors (other company’s also sell soft plastic baits that imitate pond smelt)  I use the 3” pond smelt imitation. While there are lots of ways to rig them I keep mine simple by rigging them on a size 6 hook, starting at the nose of the bait I thread the hook as far into the back as I can and thread the bait up the line so that the hook protrudes close to the tail with no curl in the bait. I have talked with lots of other fishermen who have their own preferred method of rigging these baits, experiment until you find what works for you.

Bank fishermen are picking up a few fish in the coves and at Hamilton Branch. Both USFS public boat ramps are open and the docks are in place. Road construction continues on 36 if traveling to Almanor, you can expect up to 40 minute delays (west of Mineral).


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