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Almanor Fishing Report

The Almanor Fishing Association
P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020
Sept. 24, 2017

Another week of cold unsettled weather has resulted in a 5 to 6 degree drop in surface temps this past week.  On Saturday 9/16 the surface high was 71.9 degrees, yesterday (9/23) we saw a high of 66.6 degrees. Nighttime lows dipped into the high 20’s, throw in a cloud cover, strong wind’s, diminishing water clarity  and all made for difficult fishing conditions.

We fished four days this past week, our two best  day’s resulted in four quality fish ranging from 2 ½ to 4 ½ #’s. We fished hard each day, switching baits, speeds, depth’s and presentation; tough as it is to get excited about four fish, when Almanor turns off, I was satisfied with our results.

The majority of our fish were caught slow trolling gulps and crawlers 1 MPH in the bottom half of the water column in water to 50’ deep.  We did hook a few fish trolling hardware 2 ½ MPH we just couldn’t get a consistent bite going.  Almanor is transitioning from summer to fall, eventually these fish are going to settle down in the meantime fishing can be tough. We have been targeting the popular areas, Peninsula, Rec #1 &2, Big Springs, Hamilton Branch and the East Shore.

One bite can change your day, that 5# Bow or 8# Brown are once in a lifetime fish, they are not uncommon on Almanor.  The main thing that I have learned fishing Almanor is, don’t get discouraged, trust what you are doing, no fish days are also not uncommon. 

Bank fishermen are picking up fish at Hamilton Branch and there were a few fish caught at Geritol yesterday. Floating crawlers, eggs, power bait or crickets are all good choices.  

Boat traffic is light; a warming trend this week could be what’s needed to get these fish going, your window of opportunity to fish Almanor in 2017 is waning, now is the time, snow/ice are just around the corner.

Both USFS public boat ramps are open and the docks are in place, if traveling to Almanor, you can expect up to 40 minute delays on 36 (west of Mineral).


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