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Almanor Fishing Report

The Almanor Fishing Association
P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020

Sept. 17, 2017

We experienced a pretty significant drop in water surface temps this past week, Saturday’s high was 71.9 degrees. Shorter days and cooler nights added with some cloud cover are all working to lower water temps. Temps should continue to decline with this coming week’s colder weather.

We caught a mix of Browns and Rainbows slow trolling gulps and crawlers this past week, in water between 35 and 50 feet deep. Most of our fish were caught in the bottom 10 feet on a size 8 hook without any additional hardware. Our grade of fish has improved slightly over the past few weeks with fish up to five pound’s landed on recent trips. Our good friend Chris Wiigard landed a 9+ pound Brown on Friday, fishing the East shore. We have been concentrating our efforts off the Peninsula, around Rec #2, off the A-Frame and along the East shore. 

Boat pressure has dropped off significantly and most likely will continue to decline. Bank fishermen are catching a few fish in the branch, haven’t seen many fishermen in the coves.

Pond smelt are scattered throughout the lake, oftentimes my Lowrance will be lit up with bait balls 25 feet thick and 40’ long. Fish of all sizes are feasting on the smelt; it is not uncommon to have a fish regurgitate multiple smelt as you bring them to the surface. Be patient stay on fish when you find them with smelt and go slow.

You can expect up to 40 minute delays on 36 (west of Mineral), if traveling from the 5; 32 and/or 89/70 are your best routes.


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