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4-Reel Fishin’

By Don Moir, Special for the Ukiah Daily Journal

Good day, my fellow anglers. I thought I would show some love to the Ukiah Rod and Gun Club. First of all, I think this club really should be called the Ukiah Rod and Reel Club. Why? Because, their focus is on the restoration of the steelhead fishery in our hometown river, the Russian River.

Here are some of the activities they are doing to educate people and raise funds for saving the steelhead of the Russian River:

The Bill Townsend Conservation Fish Hatchery opened for the season on Jan 2, 2018. Despite the low rainfall to date, four males and two female salmon have migrated up into the hatchery so far. After the egg processing was completed, the fish were returned to the river. There are 109,260 young steelhead in the imprint ponds right now at the Coyote Fish Facility. These steelhead fish from the Warm Springs Hatchery, will stay in the imprint ponds for 30 days before they can be released into the Russian River. Volunteers are needed, so if you would like to help out please contact Tony or Dave.

Don’t miss the Wild Game Feed this Saturday, Jan 13.

The Buffet Style Dinner will be served between 4 and 7 p.m. at the Ukiah Senior Center, 497 Leslie St., Ukiah. $25 for Adults and $12.50 for Children under 12. Tickets are available at Pacific Outfitters, Creative Workshop Printing and Copies, Mendocino Book Company. Or by calling Dave at 467-7663, Pat at 972-6411, or Lindy at 467-0891. Join us next weekend for good food and raffle prizes!

Intro. to Fishing Class, coordinated through the City of Ukiah Rec. Department, starts this month on Jan 20. Once a month, on alternating Saturdays and Sundays, this fishing clinic will help young fishermen learn how to tie basic fishing knots, how to cast, and how to bait hooks and land a fish. Three hours of instruction at the hatchery to be followed by a short lunch break, then three hours of applied practice at south boat ramp.

The Club will provide all the fishing gear and bait. 15 years and older are required to have a valid California fishing license. If you would like to volunteer to help out with this class, contact Pat or Joe. Thank you Rod and Gun Club!

Blue Lakes

More rain is really needed. The water is very, very clear. If the creeks were flowing the water would be stained up some and the fish would feel more comfortable.

This is how I fish for trout when the water is gin clear. It is very important to not make a lot of noise. Turn off your electronics and don’t run the gas motor. Run your electric motor only on low speed. Pretty much, I will settle into an area where I know the trout are. Then I sight fish for them. When you see them, cast a small chrome Superduper or Castmaster at them. Hopefully you will say, “Fish On!”

Upper Mill Creek Pond

Well, the Upper Mill Creek Pond is the best place to fish right now! For sure, for sure!

The weekends are some-what crowded but, if you go up the hill mid week to trout fish you’ll have better luck. It can be difficult to get one of the limited places to fish along the shore, so get up there early so that you can get your favorite spot all to yourself. Have fun and be safe!

P.S. Take someone else’s trash out with you. I am amazed how folks can have enough energy to pack it in but not enough class to pack it out.

Russian River

I sure wish I could say that the Steelhead fishin’ was good, but it’s not. I hear that there are some die hard fishermen that have been hooking into one here and there, but there just aren’t many steelies in the river. We really need some good rain so that the steelhead can come up in large numbers and get past the seals that are waiting for them at the mouth of the river.

Thanks and remember to keep it Reel! Don at

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